Get in Gear

What to take?

If you were to take a hike lasting over several days, what would you need to take in order to survive? Remember there are no electrical outlets or fast food places along the way! Brainstorm with your partner what you think you need to take for a several day trip out in the wilderness. Think of items in the following categories:
– Shelter
– Sleeping
– Cooking
– Clothing
– Safety
– Basic supplies

Are there some items which you think are not necessary? Remember that you will have to carry this stuff!


Hiker Carrying a Big and Heavy Load

Hiker Carrying a Big and Heavy Load

Big Backpacks ~ 1999

Big Backpacks ~ 1999

Sample of a Basic Backpacking Checklist

Samples of Thru-hiker’s Gear Lists:

Swami – the ultralight thru-hiker
Wired – the lightweight thru-hiker


Get in Gear!

"BIG 3" - Backpack, Shelter, Sleeping

“BIG 3” – Backpack, Shelter, Sleeping

Your Task:

Let’s go window shopping with the help of the Web. You are on a budget and have $1500.00 to purchase the BIG 3 for your 5 month thru-hike. Your gear selections should weight less than 10 pounds combined. Plan a virtual shopping excursion for “The BIG 3”:  Shelter, Backpack, and Sleeping system (sleeping bag and pad). Use the following online sites  and the Get in Gear Worksheet.

When selecting your gear, think in terms of how much it will cost as well as how heavy the item is.


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