March 15 – Leave No Trace

March 15, 2013
Leave No Trace Principles

Planning skit using PCTA Map

Planning skit using PCTA Map

First, I want to give a BIG shout out to the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Jack “Found” Haskel from the association was very generous to send a heavy box with PCT stickers, large PCT maps, and beautiful calendars for each student completing our PCT course. We have been using the materials during our class time. On our last day together students will be bringing the valuable materials home. This will be a great reference, motivation, and memory in the future from our time together.

I have really looked forward to sharing “The Seven Leave No Trace Principles” with our class. Last Friday with the help of Wandering the Wild’s blog entry “Leave No Trace“, we first discussed the basics of the hiking and outdoor ethics and why they are important. My personal favorite was the look of horror as I demonstrated how to poop in the woods by digging a proper hole and how to stash the used toilet paper. The majority of students connected with and had experienced the opposite of some of the principles while camping with their families.

Students were then divided into groups and given a scenario featuring one of the principles to act out for the class, what to do and what not to do. I provided possible props to choose from to be as creative and fun as possible. It was a great activity and very entertaining. I think they will be a good example for others and be able to educate and explain the principles to their families and friends.

At our conclusion, I shared the results from Sunshine’s and Monkey’s interviews. I cannot express how valuable this experience was for all of us. I think the group as a whole gained a real respect for what it takes to accomplish something BIG, how much is given up, how to persevere through discomforts, and finish no matter what.  Now that is priceless.

The students have continued to write on-line Trail Journals using a Google Document. Love this one. Just had to share:

So how was everyones snow day!!!! Mine was great but I really was bummed we didn’t have enrichment Friday! Can’t wait for Friday !!!! I’ve been hiking, camping, and I love being in the wilderness!!!! I am recently in 4-h and I am doing these projects chickens,horse,sheep,and shooting sports! This class is helping me with education and my skill in the wilderness I want to thank Mrs. Rosander for starting this class this is a class you have got to join!!!! This has been a paragraph from Gizmo see you Friday!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “March 15 – Leave No Trace

  1. So great for the students to learn early how to leave no trace!

  2. You are right. When I experience really nasty things in the outdoors, I really think that the offenders really did not know the long-term consequences. Education is so important.

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